Our Philosophy

"To Create Freedom" is calliduss' core intent: For our clients, for our people and for our ideas.

For our clients this means we transfer knowledge and develop internal skills. A good outcome for us is to leave our client equipped with the freedom to move forward without our ongoing support. We are able to offer all the benefits of a larger consulting firm, (access to resources, depth of knowledge, thought leadership) without any of the disadvantages.

For our people this means the chance to work as part of a collaborative team, whilst retaining their independence. Our team of highly skilled, independent associates are people with great talent and client commitment, who also want the freedom to pursue their broader life goals.

For our ideas this means we do all we can to avoid being bound by convention and habit. We always try to think differently and to create unique and innovative solutions that meet a client's specific needs. Our collective experience is focused on making things simple, without making them simplistic.