Noel Posus – Senior Associate

Noel is a recognised leader of the international coaching industry, a Master Coach with nearly twenty years experience as a professional educator, coach and author. He was the Australia and New Zealand Institute of Coaching Inaugural Coach of the Year (2008/2009)

Noel believes in imparting knowledge and years of experience by mentoring people of different ages, businesses. He contributes 1/4th of his time to industry positions and altruistic projects, including serving on different international coaching professional body boards and of course leadership committees. He has been associating Ad products through his skills, expertise and professionalism. He brought his experience and developed coaching programs for industry players . and coaches. He has helped many companies in the world, and thatís why he is associated with us. He is not only wise and experience but also polite and down-to-earth, and thatís why he is associated with us.

Noel has designed training/coaching programmes for and coached with major industry players including Microsoft, American Airlines, Reuters, Ericsson, the United Nations, the Australian Federal Government, numerous top financial institutions, insurance companies and even specialty programmes for legal, pharmaceutical and medical industry groups.

The words most often used by clients to describe Noel include wise, expert, engaging, fun, practical, down-to-earth and someone with incredible awareness.